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Ashley Lawrence

4’11” / Women's Lightweight

Born:  February 9, 1988

From: New Springfield, OH

How long have you been competing as a strongman?  2014 will be my third year competing in Strongman.


How did you get started in the sport?  As I was growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas break so I could watch The Worlds Strongest Man. I was amazed with these enormous men that could complete events that looked nearly impossible. Fast forward quite a few years, when my sister and brother-in-law, Brandy and Shawn Schumaker opened Team BSS Training and Fitness. They ran classes that used many different Strongman implements, and I loved it! After a few weeks, I asked Shawn if he knew of anywhere that women could compete in Strongman competitions. Finally, we found the first competition that I entered. After that first competition, I was hooked!


What accomplishment in the sport are you most proud of?  My biggest accomplishment so far is qualifying for Nationals. I have qualified at two different shows within the last two years.  But, I never actually made the trip to Nationals. I just didn't think I was quite ready to compete against those ladies yet. This year is a different story; my plan is to be in Reno to compete this October.


What's the biggest goof/screw up/rookie mistake you've made in a contest?  I believe that my biggest goof in a competition so far has been at the Xenia Show of Strength in 2012. The press medley consisted of a 65lb circus dumbbell, 100lb keg press, 90lb log, and 120lb axle. I had pressed the dumbbell and the log many times in training, and knew I wouldn't have to worry about them at the competition. But, I probably only pressed the axle once in training. And then there was the keg, my nemesis. I tried for a month and I just could not press it!


At the show, I cleaned and pressed the dumbbell easily. Then, I picked up the keg and cleaned it. First press...nothing. But on the second attempt, it went right up! After that, it was on to the problem. Last is the axle. Usually, I mix grip deadlift, pull the bar right above my belly button, switch my grip, pop it up, and press. But, this time I deadlift it and before I pull to my belly button I sit back. Why?? I have no idea! I ended up flat on my back with the bar on my lap. I was fine, so I rolled it off of my lap, and tried for a second time. This time I at least got a chance to press it, but failed.


What is your favorite event? My favorite event has to be the truck pull. It was an event at my first Strongman competition: Pump Fest 2012, in Mansfield, Ohio. It's not one that you see too often, so when you get the chance to do a contest with a truck pull, do it! 


What is your least favorite event?  Pressing events are my least favorite, simply because pressing is not my strong suit!


What is your best nugget of advice for a person new to the sport?  My advice is to get out there and try it, just have fun! Don't be afraid to pick a competition with an event or two that you may not be good at, or don't think you can do. I entered a contest where I knew I could complete ONE of the events. I actually ended up being able to complete each event, and I went on to win the contest.

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