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Nick Gilbert

5’7” / 228 lbs

Born:  July 5

From: Amanda, OH

How long have you been competing as a strongman?  Since 2009.


How did you get started in the sport?  A fellow member of a very awesome group of strongmen called Team BOSS invited me up to try it out.  Thank you Brad Ardrey!


What accomplishment in the sport are you most proud of?  I hold the NAS national records for the Yoke (665 pounds for 60 feet in 8.97 seconds) and the Farmer's Carry (245 pounds per hand, 100 feet with a turn, 14.87 seconds) in the 231 pound class.  


What's the biggest goof/screw up/rookie mistake you've made in a contest?  Not doing better than the other guy in that one event.   


What is your favorite event?  Axle clean and press, farmers, yoke, and giant dumbbell!   


What is your least favorite event?  Atlas stones!  


What is your best nugget of advice for a person new to the sport?  Failure isn't an option.  If you are going to pick it up, you finish it.  Stay strong and always train like a champion. 

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