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Richard Stout

5’7” (5'8" with shoes) / 198 lbs

Born:  September 29, 1986

From: Niles, OH (birthplace of William McKinley)

How long have you been competing as a strongman?  I have been doing strongman 3 and half years, will be 4 years in September.


How did you get started in the sport?  I was getting ready to start my Senior season of lacrosse and needed a new sport once I graduated college and I hooked up with some guys from my gym and they started helping me out and I kept going from there. Absolutely loved it!


What accomplishment in the sport are you most proud of? I qualified for and will be competing in Strongman Fitness World Championships this February/March and feel very honored and blessed for this opportunity to compete there and hope to make this a yearly thing!


What's the biggest goof/screw up/rookie mistake you've made in a contest?  My first run with the farmers handles, I made a smooth turn with the handles but took off way too fast after the turn and as soon as I crossed the finish line I tripped over the handles and fell out the open gym door (door was open since it was a September competition). I won the event but it was pretty funny...I literally tripped out of the building. 


What is your favorite event?  Farmers walk and/or Frame carry 


What is your least favorite event?  Husafell stone


What is your best nugget of advice for a person new to the sport?  Learn and practice good form before going heavy, then find which form works best for you. It is always best to do lifts properly before doing lifts heavy. Always be willing to learn, there is always something new to be learned in the sport. 

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