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Shawn Brooks

5’11” / 350 lbs

42 years old

From: Xenia, OH

How long have you been competing as a strongman?  Fourteen years.


How did you get started in the sport?  Started out with Nick Osbourne's Dino days contests years ago. Used to compete with dudes like Dave Ostland and Travis Ortemyer when they were amateurs.


What accomplishment in the sport are you most proud of? Any time I set a PR!


What's the biggest goof/screw up/rookie mistake you've made in a contest?  Tire throw at the Michigan record breakers.  I spun around to toss the tire, but didn't let go of it and hit myself in the face! 


What is your favorite event?   I like car deadlifts and stones; both atlas and irregular. 


What is your least favorite event?  Any medley.


What is your best nugget of advice for a person new to the sport?  Always train heavier than the contest weights. 

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